Ace of Spades Poker Card Bottle Opener



Impress your friends with this stylish little bottle opener that not only opens your bottles with minimal effort but also doubles up as a cap launcher! Use the cleverly crafted hole in the center shaped like a spade to easily open your beer and soda bottles. Opener Size: 8.5×5.4x2cm (3.4×2.1×0.8inch)

  • ✔ FUN: This slim stainless steel credit card bottle opener is anything but your conventional bottle opener. With its sleek and stylish design, you can take your bottle opening game to the next level. So its always at hand when you need to open that bottle.
  • ✔ PRACTICAL: Not only is this a steel beer ace bottle opener soda pop opener, but it’s also in the size of a standard credit card. Meaning you can place this in your wallet or pocket and take it to your next poker gathering, guys night, football game or literally anywhere – it’s that convenient. Great for professional bartenders or home use.
  • ✔ EASY: This Poker Ace of Spades Credit Card beer opener is ridiculously easy to use. Even if you’ve never used a bottle opener before, this will come second nature to you. It’s also worth mentioning that the debit card size of the bottle opener makes for a great grip; making your life a whole lot easier.
  • ✔ DURABLE: Made with #403 grade brushed stainless steel, this bottle opener will last a lifetime. With endless bottles to be opened – from beers to sodas – we guarantee one Chilled Glory bottle opener is all your ever going to need. Unless of course you get some for your friends (because you’re that awesome).


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