Nicer Dicer – Peeler, Multifunctional Shredder, Slicer and Cutter With Container

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The Quick, Safe and Simple Way to Chop up Your fruits and Vegetables. The cut and chopped pieces automatically fall in the container. No mess just pure ease. Free worldwide shipping, 9-32 business days.

Contains of:

✅ 1 x Sliced products Storage Container (1,5 l);
✅ 1 x Cutting base with Push button;
✅ 1 x Airtight rubber lid on the container;
✅ 1 x Food holder for slicer;
✅ 1 x A header with small blades (blade 6×6 mm / 12×12 mm);
✅ 1 x A header with large blades (blade 18 x 18 mm / 6 x 36 mm);
✅ 1 x Vegetable peeler;
✅ 1 x Protective cover;
✅ 1 x Blades for slicing (wedge-shaped blades);
✅ 1 x Grater for large slices with a protective cover;
✅ 1 x Vegetables / fruits grater.

3 reviews for Nicer Dicer – Peeler, Multifunctional Shredder, Slicer and Cutter With Container

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’m a kitchen gadget fiend. I’m not necessarily proud of it (my cabinets are probably going to collapse at some point!) but if there is a gadget to do a job? I want to try it. 🙂 I was quite excited to discover this product, as I have two similar (but inferior) choppers in my kitchen. One of them does perfect tiny little dices and I use it to make small apples cubes for cake, and small potato cubes for soup. The other one doesn’t have a small square shape but it does do long narrow strips – which is great for slicing strawberries, kiwis, eggs, etc. So both of them are taking up space in my kitchen. Until now!

    This is the best set of plates I’ve seen with one of these dicing tools. Not only does it have all the long rectangles and squares, but it also has a built in apple slicer, a little julienne/thin slice plate mandolin style, and a grater! Also included is a wicked sharp peeler and a lid for the container (score !!!) – so if you pre dice/prep all your veggies, you can save getting something else dirty and just throw the lid on/keep them in the fridge until using.

    Last but not least, this is easier to clean than my other units. There is a button on the top that you push down that pushes a “spacer” that’s around the grid up to the top and cleans out all the little bits of fruit/veggies/cheeses/etc – very easy and much more time efficient than the plastic forks other units have come with (that can break on you.) I LOVE this little guy. It is sturdy, it is sharp and works well, and it does many things well. Two thumbs way up, this is the dicer you want!

    I was lucky enough to purchase this at a discount. I was asked to share my honest opinion if I felt so inclined, and this is that opinion. Conclusion on this one? This is one lean-mean green machine. This is a product worth having in the kitchen! At the current ~$35 price point it’s a total win.
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  2. Great product! The original nicer dicer for half the price. My wife loves it – day for day. Cooking and making salads can be so easy with the nicer dicer. Very recommend. Sad to say the price is rising every day..
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  3. 4 out of 5

    This thing is awesome! How on earth did I cube veggies before this? The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it’s kind of a pain to clean. Although it does have the button to push things out, I find that some things still get stuck on the cutting grates/edges. But it is still worth it to me. It has saved me so much time. I hated cubing veggies and now I don’t!

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